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TxtToSqlite - Import CSV (TSV,TXT) to SQLite easy and quickly
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21 December 2014

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As we all know, SQLite is a RDBMS that is enclosed in a small C programming library. It comes with every kind of facility that aids in creating programs that are necessary to design an effective data base. Now if someone has transferred some important lines of codes through textual documents which can prove to be fruitful in your task, your job is to run them in SQLlite. If number of lines of code is less then you can type them by yourself. But number of lines of codes is no less than one thousand, then it is foolish to write them all by hand. Hence we suggest you to implement TxtToSqlite 1.0 in your system and transform entire textual content to SQLite.

By means of TxtToSqlite 1.0 you get an easy and effective convert CSV files into Sqlite effortlessly. TxtToSqlite 1.0 is filled with all kinds of features which makes this task of converting the Txt or CSV files into Sqlite nice and easy. The tool can be effectively configured to view the content, plus displays time as well as progress of conversion. Thanks to its loading and saving parameters you can repeat tasks efficaciously. It aids in previewing the imports step by step and simultaneously helps to see the results straightaway. This software converter also supports Unicode and this in fact helps to shift the files into effective files with ease. If you have got loads and loads of CSV files that need to be transformed into Sqltie, in such case too, the utility helps in executing the conversion of entire folder of CSV files with just click of a button.

TxtToSqlite 1.0 thanks to its intuitive interface helps developers to come up with easy and effective conversion. Thence it wins the award of four and half stars on 5 owing to all the features and decent pricing tag fitted against it.

Publisher's description

TxtToSqlite - Import CSV (TSV,TXT) to SQLite easy and quickly. TxtToSqlite is a tool to import data from CSV (TSV,TXT) file to SQLite.
Main features:
1. Automatic match tables and fields.
2. Batch import multiple files at one time.
3. Import and see result, immediately.
4. Save configuration and run repeatedly, command line, scheduled task.
5. Wizard - step by step, or Direct import - efficient.
Version 1.3
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